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    Juan Pablo Lupiañez is a lover of wine, land and mountain culture; the rivers and everything that surrounds Mendoza. Enjoy cooking and sharing with people who appreciate the warmth of what is done with dedication, passion and personality. After having worked more than 20 years in the wine industry, he was motivated to do something genuine, sincere; that expresses the intensity and elegance of the Paraje Altamira terroir, where its vineyards are more than 60 years old.


    Varietal: Malbec 97% - Petit Verdot 3%

    Origin / Vineyards: La Carmela, Calle Contastini s / n, Paraje Altamira, Mendoza, Argentina

    Altitude: 1180 M.S.N.M.

    Soil: Shallow, silty loam of alluvial origin with abundant presence of rocks. Mass selection of Malbec Paraje Altamira and Petit Verdot both 16 years old.

    Production: 5800 kilograms per hectare. Manual harvest in boxes of 15 kilograms. .

    Fermentation: In cement pools lined with epoxy, traditional fermentation with selected yeasts for 10 days between 20 and 29 degrees of temperature. 100% malolactic fermentation.

    Aging: 8 months in a concrete pool and egg.

    Alcohol: 14.9%

    Total acidity: 5.3

    Residual sugar: 2.5 gr / lt

    Ph: 3.71

    Bottles made: 13500

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