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    Paso a Paso Wines makes microvinified wines made with an authentically artisan concept with meticulous care and personal monitoring by its own winemakers. They are numbered bottles of each game. Each bottle is the result of the conjunction of art, subtlety, adrenaline, and contemplation, understanding that everything is part of a process and that in order to obtain something unique with personality, the important thing is to advance "step by step"


    VARIETY: BONARDA 80% of El Cepillo

    PETIT VERDOT 20% from Los Chacayes

    Manual harvest.

    Yield: 7,000 kg / ha

    ALCOHOL: 13.5% V / V


    LOCATION. El Cepillo and Los Chacayes, Uco Valley.

    DRIVING SYSTEM: Parallel and trellis.

    SOIL: Sandy loam, with the presence of calcareous at shallow depth.

    HEIGHT: Between 1100 and 1400 meters above sea level.

    CLIMATE: Desert with rainfall less than 200 mm


    GRINDING: 30% of whole bunch in the Bonarda.

    FERMENTATION: Native Yeasts. Open container

    FILM MACERATION: 21 days


    BARREL AGING: 12 months in second-use French barrels for PV. No barrel use in Bonarda.

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