Rump Cover (Picanha)

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    Rump Cap consist in the upper and fore portion of the bíceps femoris muscle (M. gluteobiceps) which covers the Rump, and is obtained by separating it along the natural seam from the Rump.

    Points requiring specification:
    · Fat cover.
    · Connective tissue removed.

    PACKING: Long
    SIZE: 60x24x15
    PACKAGE: Vacuum
    PIECES PER BOX : 8/9 pieces
    BOX WEIGHT: ≈12 kg
    THERMAL CONDITIONS : Chilled/Frozen
    SPECIFICATION POINTS : Minus 1,3 kg/ Plus 1,3 kg

    Shipping all over the world
    Kosher Certification
    Halal Certification
    SIF China
    AQSIQ (84021000044)

    Termos e Condições
    Garantia de devolução do dinheiro em 30 dias
    Envio: 2-3 Dias Úteis