Heel Muscle B without Golden Coin

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    The Heel Muscle is located in the leg region and consists of the M. gastrocnemius and the M. flexor superficialis.

    Points requiring specification:
    · Connective tissue removed.
    · Tendon trim.

    PACKING: Large
    SIZE: 60x24x15
    PACKAGE: Vacuum
    PIECES PER BOX : 10/12 pieces
    BOX WEIGHT: ≈17 kg
    THERMAL CONDITIONS : Chilled/Frozen

    Shipping all over the world
    Kosher Certification
    Halal Certification
    SIF China
    AQSIQ (84021000044)

    Términos y condiciones
    Garantía de devolución de 30 días
    Envío: 2-3 días laborales